Art Wall

The Attic Corner has a history of supporting the arts, and has made our art wall available to artists who wish to display their work. We especially like to offer this opportunity to new, emerging artists who have had limited display exposure.

If you are interested in booking an exhibition at the Attic, please contact us at! We are always looking for unique and engaging artwork to display, be it paintings, photography, sketches, etchings, or other media types which would be displayed well by being hung on a wall.


July – September 2017: NFG(artist)

This summer we are featuring the paintings and alternative media works of Nicole Jolly! Nicole is “highly inspired by emotion,” and “interested in embracing/exploring the unknown and finding/following [her] truth.” Make sure to take some time to stop and check out her work!

Follow her on Facebook at NFG (artist), and show your support through Patreon!







Artwork is not the business, or indeed in anyway the responsibility, of the Attic. The Attic staff screens every artist’s work before it hangs on our art wall, ensuring it will be a good fit for our cafe culture and all of our customers to see and admire. The Attic reserves the right to determine what goes on the art wall, and what stays on the art wall.