The Attic Art Wall

The Attic Corner has a history of supporting the arts, and has made our art wall available to artists who wish to display their work. We especially like to offer this opportunity to new, emerging artists who have had limited display exposure.

If you are interested in booking an exhibition at the Attic, please contact us at! We are always looking for unique and engaging artwork to display, be it paintings, photography, sketches, etchings, or other media types which would be displayed well by being hung on a wall. We are currently scheduling artists for 2023-2024, as well as compiling a waitlist for the future, or fill in as needed if a previously scheduled show has to be cancelled or moved.

Looking for more art opportunities in the Green Bay area? Check with our friends at SAGE!

“I have enjoyed my experience displaying here and am so thankful for the opportunity. It really is so nice to have a place like this in town, and the fact you have such a lovely space (with great lighting) to share with artists is very special and I thank you for that! I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with you guys!”
~ Nicole Jolly, local artist on display July-September 2017, and December 2018-January 2019

Current Artist

Katie Colburn

show will run March 2023 through April 2023

Photos Coming Soon!


We encourage you to check out the artist whose show was sadly interrupted by store construction in autumn 2021: Misty Graves

Art in the Attic

On Saturday December 17th, 2022 we hosted Art in the Attic. This was a great way for a few local artist to showcase and sell their work. We’re proud to have given these artists a chance to meet with people, talk and show off their art and maybe even earn some extra Christmas cash. From crafts, to photography, and stuffed animals, each artist had their own unique way of expressing their artistic side. We would love to host another Art in the Attic event to support more local artists, just as all of you support The Attic as a small business.

The Attic would like to thank the artists who participated in this event. Who was there…?

  • Chelle Diederich (Displayed on our Art Wall Nov 2022-Jan 2023)
  • Stacey Von Busch- Eight Trees Company (Textile Art from vintage fabrics and a zine “Conscious and Breathing”)
  • Xavier Horkman- Iffy Brass (film and digital photography, music, and creative writing)


Artwork is not the business, or indeed in anyway the responsibility, of the Attic. The Attic staff screens every artist’s work before it hangs on our art wall, ensuring it will be a good fit for our cafe culture and all of our customers to see and admire. The Attic reserves the right to determine what goes on the art wall, and what stays on the art wall.