Fair Trade Coffees

Attic Classic Blend – $14.00 per pound

Fair Trade, Organic. La Java’s special Attic blend, roasted to a smooth finish.

Flavor: Dark, Floral, Sweet
Body: Medium
Acidity: Light
Aroma: Medium

Sumatra Gayo Mountain $14.00 per pound

Fair Trade, Organic. Grown in Northern Sumatra, this bean produces high-quality, semi-washed coffee which creates an earthy, clean, full-bodied flavor with low acidity.

Flavor: Dark
Body: Full
Acidity: Light
Aroma: Mild, earthy

Guatemala La Voz – $14.00 per pound

Fair Trade, Organic. La Voz Que Clame en el Desierto, or “The Voice that Cries out in the Desert,” is the name of a Guatemalan coffee co-op begun in 1977 by the indigenous Tzutuhil men and women located in the region of the Western Highlands. The Guatemalan Highlands produce some of the best and most distinctive coffees in the world. La Voz’s Arabica trees are cultivated under a rich temporal forest canopy of native vegetation. Grown at altitudes of 4,500 to 5,000 feet, the typical and bourbon varieties produce a well-balanced coffee with a distinctive smoky aroma and notes of spicy fruit.

Flavor: Medium, Spicy Fruit Notes
Body: Moderate
Acidity: Medium
Aroma: Smoky

Honduras $13.50 per pound

Fair Trade, Organic. RAOS is the first cooperative of small- and medium-sized organic growers in Honduras, who are committed to sustainable development: social, environmental, and economic. This is a medium roast, shade-grown coffee.

Flavor: Medium with some spicy notes
Body: Full-Heavy
Acidity: Light
Aroma: Rich


Mexico Chiapas Decaf – $15.50 per pound

Fair Trade, Organic. This hard bean, washed coffee comes from the Sierra Madre region in southern Mexico. This region is characterized by poor infrastructure, unemployment, and a low life expectancy. In response to these adversities, community and church leaders founded the cooperative ISMAM in 1986. All of ISMAM’s coffee is grown at high altitudes ranging from 4,800-5,400 feet. They have been accredited as Shade Grown coffee and Migratory Bird friendly.

Flavor: Mild
Body: Light
Acidity: Medium
Aroma: Bright, Clean

Peru La Florida Decaf – $15.50 per pound

Fair Trade, Organic. This hard bean, washed coffee is grown at an altitude of 4,500 feet and is a European preparation. Characterized by an excellent aroma and good body with a sound, sweet cup. It can be enjoyed as a straight varietal or used to enhance any blend. Migratory Bird friendly.

Flavor: Medium
Body: Light
Acidity: Crisp
Aroma: Sweet

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel-Aged –  $10.00 per half pound TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Bourbon barrel-aged coffee is produced by rolling the green beans once in a barrel used for aging bourbon whiskey. The beans are then roasted. The resulting coffee is a smooth brew with flavor notes picked up from the bourbon whiskey barrel.

Flavored Blends –  $14.00 per pound

The Attic is pleased to offer a selection of La Java’s special flavored coffee. We brew a different flavor daily, and provide these flavors for sale in bulk. Options include Bourbon Pecan Torte, Hazelnut, Highlander Grogg, Irish Cream, Pumpkin Spice (seasonal), Toasted Almond, Turtle, Vanilla Nut Cream, and Vermont Maple