Holiday Tea Gift Sets

The Attic packages a variety of gift sets each winter, ensuring that you are able to find the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list!

Our tea samplers offer a wide range of combinations, featuring our best and most holiday-inspired teas. You are certain to find something to please anyone, whether you are just introducing them to tea, or they’ve been a connoisseur for years!

  • Blustery Bundle

    • 19.65

    Don't let a stormy winter day get you down! Relish being stuck indoors in comfort with a cozy cup– these unique and caffeine-free teas are the perfect way to spend a snowy day!

    Gingerbread Orange is a wonderful, warming blend of rooibos, almonds, pistachios, orange peel, coriander, peppercorns, and artificial flavor. The Attic Original blend Sweet Spice is an organic mix of honeybush, ginger, and pomegranate peel. Lemon Ginger Rooibos is a lovely tea that combines natural lemon oil, organic lemon peel, and organic ginger root with organic rooibos.

  • Christmas Fun Pack

    • 19.30

    This combination of holiday favorites is just pure fun! With aromas and flavors that are irresistable, these teas are guaranteed to perk you up and keep you in the Christmas spirit.

    Nutcracker is a black tea blended with orange peel, cranberries, cinnamon, chocolate mint flavors, and almond slices. Candy Cane Rooibos is a caffeine-free green rooibos with natural candy cane flavor, organic stevia, and cornflower petals. St. Nick's tea combines black tea with almonds, organic cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and orange blossoms.

  • Green to Black

    • 22.05

    You can't go wrong with a classic! This combination offers a worthy representative of each of the most recognized types of tea.

    Dragonwell (also known as Lung Ching), is a sweet and aromatic Chinese flat-leaf, pan fired green tea from Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province. Iron Goddess of Mercy (also known as Ti Kuan Yin), is a medium oxidized oolong from Fujian Province in China. Our Assam, a robust black with a slightly malty finish, comes from the Banapathy Estate in Northeastern India.

  • Holiday Variety Pack

    • 19.80

    The holidays are for family gatherings, honoring traditions, and bold aromas and flavors. These teas are filled with recognizable flavors of the season, sure to make you feel right at home for the holidays.

    Holiday Cheer is a black tea with peppermint, cloves, cardamom, ginger, spearmint, and orange peel. Touch of Spice is an Attic Original blend of Pi Lo Chun green tea, cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel. Cranberry Orange is a sooting, caffeine-free blend of cranberries, orange peel, and chamomile.

  • Simple Flavor Pack

    • 20.35

    This pack is perfect for those looking to sample a range of flavored and scented teas that wrap the senses in soothing flavors and aromas. Our customers keep coming back to these traditional standards.

    Nightblooming Jasmine is a Chinese green tea scented with jasmine flowers. The classic Earl Grey is a Sri Lankan black tea with bergamot, purchased directly from Glenburn Estate. Vanilla Mint Rooibos is a relaxing, caffeine-free blend of South African rooibos, vanilla, mint, and chamomile.

  • Winter Warm-up

    • 19.25

    Let it snow as you cozy up with one of these tasty holiday teas! From sweet to spice, find the perfect treat to warm you up, even on the coldest, snowiest day.

    Gingerbread Black is a Chinese black "tippy" tea with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and gingerbread flavor. Winter Solstice combines allspice, apple, apricot, red currant, rosemary, rose hips, cloves, peach flavor, and NY State hops for a brew that is smooth, sweet, spicy, and fruity. Once Upon a Tea is a caffeine-free South African rooibos with vanilla, apple, peppermint, natural flavor, and chocolate bits. (Once Upon a Tea contains trace amounts of sugar and dairy.)

  • Add-ons

    • Perfect Measure Teaspoon 3.75
    • Honey Spoon 3.50
    • Honey Tea Dipper 4.50

    Polish off your holiday gift by adding a Perfect Measure Teaspoon or Honey Tea Dipper to your gift box!